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I was astonished at the level of drama, tension and pathos that could be created in a film with only two actors. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are the only people we see and almost the only people we hear for 90 minutes and yet the audience is never bored and, in fact, we were often on the edge of our seats.  Director Alfonso Cuarón (“Y Tu Mama También,” “Children of Men”) has already proven himself to be a master of mood and here proves he is also a master of suspense.   Apparently Cuarón came up with a new way of filming weightlessness as both actors are entirely weightless in every scene.  The effect is stunning as are all the visuals.  Cuarón manages to make space look both expansive and claustrophobic, serene and dangerous at the same time.  While Clooney and Bullock are both reliable actors and portray their roles admirably, the magic of this movie is all Cuarón.  I really cannot overstate how visually arresting this film is.  The tension starts almost from the first moments and sustains without a break until the very end.  My one complaint was with the soundtrack, which was very run-of-the-mill and often too heavy-handed.  The film would have been better served with silence, utilizing that emptiness (that absence) in the same way Cuarón used emptiness in his visuals to portray danger and tension.


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