The Hero

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“The Hero” is a good example of how much can rest on a single performance. Sam Elliot has made a name for himself as the iconic, laconic cowboy, perhaps most famously in “The Big Lebowski.” However, Elliot’s trademark voice and great white mustache can distract us from what a fine actor he truly is. This film gives him the opportunity to really shine beyond his typecasting, while also slyly poking fun at it. Elliot’s character, Lee, is an actor, most famous for playing a cowboy in “The Hero.” He now does voice-over work because nobody else is calling. And then he get’s a cancer diagnosis. This scene, very early in the film, really shows Elliot’s skill. The camera is focused on him over the doctor’s shoulder and, as he begins to prepare Lee for the news, we watch Elliot’s face shift so expressively as he realizes where this is going. In fact, the film is really just a series of shots of Elliot’s face as he moves through various emotions. For someone who loves acting, it’s a joy to watch and helps to raise this otherwise cliche story up higher than it deserves. There is not particularly any new light shed by anything said or done during this 90 minutes but Elliot shows such vulnerability that I found myself genuinely moved several times. The other actors do their best to keep up but mostly just give space for him to shine. This is his film and he takes the bull by the horns (sorry, I just couldn’t refuse a cowboy metaphor). It is touching and sweet and often feels really genuine, even when it’s also a bit heavy-handed. Again, we can thank Sam Elliot for that. For any of you who enjoy fine performances, this film is well worth watching.



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