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◊ ◊ ◊ ½

I said in my last review that “Get Out” was actually a comedy/parody disguised as a horror film. Well, “Logan” is a horror film disguised as a superhero movie. In particular, it belongs among the goriest of slasher flicks. This dark tale must be based on a story from the comics, though it is not one I was familiar with. That was probably best. I have only been disappointed by the truly terrible adaptations that have been made of classic X-Men stories (“Days of Future Past” and the brilliant Wolverine miniseries, just to name two). In general, the entire X-Men series of films has been one boring misstep after another. This was the first one to have any depth of character, any real sense of peril and that required any actual acting. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were terrific as the two aged and broken heroes. Their banter, bickering and pain were such a nice relief from the typical superhero fare. This is 2029 and its a grim world where both men have lost faith in themselves, each other and everything else. Grittier and far far more violent than any other X-Men film, I found myself drawn into the story, even while I was occasionally distracted by the violence. Somber from start to finish, this was unlike anything I might have expected and I was delighted. I hope we see more filmmakers willing to take this genre into the world of adult emotions and complexity. There are so many heroes that I think could flourish under that treatment.


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