The Red Turtle

February 12, 2017 at 5:30 pm | Posted in 2016 | 1 Comment
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This small animated film was a sweet and unexpected delight. Written and animated by Dutch director, Michael Dudok de Wit, it tells the story of a man castaway on an island and the life he makes for himself there. There is not a single word of dialogue in the entire 80 minute film, but it is far from silent. Instead, it’s filled with the sounds of the ocean, the weather and the animals all around this man. We watch him age over the course of the story, which has the feel of an allegory. In fact, one could wonder if the events of the story actually occur or do so in the man’s imagination. Animated in a classic hand-drawn style, every scene is gorgeous. Admittedly, the rhythm of the film is slow and may bore some but I was too taken by the visuals to ever feel bored and I found the story, simple as it was, to be sweet and touching. It has won many awards, including “Un Certain Regard” at Canne and has been nominated for “Best Animated Film” at the Oscars. I doubt this movie will change your life, but it’s a much better way to spend an hour and a half than most of what we watch.


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  1. It’s about as beautifully simple and lithe as an epic visual feast can get, with Ghibli-esque themes about our spiritual connection to nature kept high in the mix, and an overarching bittersweetness that keeps the fantasy grounded in human emotion.

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