Don’t Think Twice

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◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ½

The little movie that could. This very small, limited release film appeared at my local theater some time last summer and then just stayed. Originally slated for just one week, it was there for almost 6 months, steadily selling tickets on word-of-mouth and excellent reviews. It’s hard to imagine that a film about improv comedians failing to succeed (made up almost entirely of little-known comedians) could succeed. Until you’ve seen it. Any story told with this much honestly deserves your time. The six central characters are all so real and vulnerable that it’s hard to imagine these actors are not playing some version of themselves. The old adage that comedy comes from pain is no truer than in this film, where each player is basically doing therapy through comedy. The real revelation here is how, as each person’s ugliness starts to leak out, we still manage to feel closer to them. These people are us– vulnerable, needy, self-doubting, and also generous, loyal and hopeful. They were an amazing, dysfunctional family going through a period of upheaval and doing it in a way that was enlightening, funny, touching and deeply bittersweet. We need more movies that tell stories like this one– simple, true stories about the various ways human beings find meaning and connection in the world.

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