The Accountant

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This film has taken some hits from film critics. The criticisms aren’t untrue but, perhaps, a tad unfair. “The Accountant” isn’t Oscar-worthy, nor will anyone remember it in 5  years but it isn’t trying to be those things. Instead, it is a simple and compelling action movie. Ben Affleck plays our eponymous lead and does a good job of capturing his idiosyncrasies. Is an autistic accountant/killer realistic? Do we even have to ask that question? Who cares? There is great fun in watching the way the film played with the social awkwardness of autism vs the cold-heartedness of a killer, making the one look like the other. It gave the story an unusual/weird/weirdly funny vibe and anything that can shake up this genre is appreciated. Anna Kendrick did a fine job of playing the character she sure seems to play a lot (ie the very sharp, very naive young woman who’s wide-eyed wonder serves as an audience stand in). Ben and she don’t seem to have much charm together but, then, I guess they aren’t supposed to. The central plot, for all of its numbers and wonkishness, did intrigue me but, then, I like a good detective story. I would have preferred if they had spent more time unraveling that mystery rather than crowd the film with complicated subplots, like the accountant’s backstory or the federal agents trying to track him. Much as I like J.K. Simmons (and I enjoyed him here, quite a bit), this film might have benefited from fewer plots and more depth in its main one. All of that is small stuff. Far more annoying was the silly twists that came at the end of the film, tying all sorts of things together that didn’t need to be and relying on utter fantasy and ridiculous coincidences. It’s a shame. With a tighter, more disciplined plot, this could have been a really good film instead of just a good film, really.


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