Sing Street

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◊ ◊ ◊ ½

Director John Carney (“Once,” “Begin Again”) has a gift for making a musical non-musical. As he did with the brilliant “Once,” he has again managed to incorporate singing into the fiber of a film while still making it feel utterly realistic. Set in 1980s Dublin, this is your standard boy meets girl story. It is filled with all the tropes of first teen love and angst that we have seen so many times before. So then, why does it feel so fresh and vital? Carney, who was himself a boy of the 80s, is so clearly in love with that era: the music, fashion and the kids that he and his friends were. That love imbues this film with such nostalgia and earnestness that it is impossible to not be touched. Carney, who wrote the script, also co-wrote the 7 original songs with Bono from U2. Each song cleverly mirrors the influences of the band the boys had just discovered. They are all lovely, genuine 80s pop ballads full of love and yearning and hope and fear and indignation. Each song, like the film as a whole, speaks the language of the decade. For anyone who fell in love during those 10 years, this movie will sweep you up and remind you of what it was to be in high school all over again. For everyone else, this film will still be fun, funny and touching.


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