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◊ ◊ ½

In the current world of animated movies, this one strikes me as sub-par for the course. Admittedly, following on the heels of “Inside Out” would be a difficult task, and this one tries admirably to have something more going on beneath its amiable surface. Following the tale (sorry) of an intrepid bunny police officer as she solves a series of missing mammal cases, the story seems to be trying to say something about race relations and various ways of being different in general. But, the analogy is not a perfect fit and could lead to some uncomfortable messages, if you try to apply it too strictly. The “predators are people too” take-away sits uneasily within our real-world cultural issues, which makes me wonder how much of that message is meant to be implied at all. What is clearer are the film’s many references to pop culture, be it film (“The Godfather,” “48 Hours”), television (“Breaking Bad”), music (Shakira) or anything Disney (“Frozen,” ad nauseam). These are clearly the little Easter eggs planted to keep adults amused but none of them felt as clever as I have seen before (with the exception of the “Breaking Bad” one, which did make me chuckle). This is not to say the film is bad. In fact, it’s good enough. The characters are all likable and the story-line is mildly compelling and it did genuinely make me laugh a few times. I just think the bar has been raised by Pixar and, while this is a pretty decent kids film, it’s not a great film, overall.


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