Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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One might legitimately wonder why I am seeing a film when I did not like the first one in the series and, in fact, disliked all of the books. Good question and I have no good answer. Maybe I was a little bit curious, a little bit bored. Really, it’s what my friends wanted to see. That said, it was not quite as irredeemable as I would have thought. Close, but not quite. Based on the YA science fiction trilogy by James Dashner, the story exists in some non-nonsensical, post-apocalyptic future where the Earth has been simultaneously been ravaged by solar flares and a zombie-like disease. A small portion of kids are now born immune to the disease and, for reasons that strain credibility (even within sci-fi), these kids have to be put through a series of gruesome and deadly experiments so that the cure can be extracted from their blood. It seems infinitely more practical to simply kill them and drain the blood and it is never clear why this isn’t an option. Or, for that matter, how it could possible make sense to spend the billions up billions of dollars needed to build these elaborate tests rather than spending the money on research. But, then, maybe I am thinking to much. What the film does have is lots and lots of action from beginning to end, some of it mildly entertaining. Though, most of it looks exactly like what I have seen elsewhere many times before.  The latest “Mad Max” film is evidence that you don’t have to have much plot, or even dialogue, if the visuals are interesting enough. These ones were not. In the end, it was 92 minutes desert-zombie-teenage-peril. I can’t wait for the final one.


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