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If there is a star to watch in Hollywood right now, it’s Tom Hardy. For the second time this year (see also “Locke”), he puts out an amazing performance. I first saw him when he played a young Patrick Steward clone in the god-awful “Star Trek: Nemesis.” He didn’t have much to work with there but, since then, in films like “RocknRolla,” “Bronson,” “Warrior” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” he has proven his mettle. Here, again, he shines as a working class guy with a spot-on Brooklyn accent who works at his cousin’s bar, played perfectly by James Gandolfini (an example of great casting more than great acting, as this character requires no stretch for him). Hardy’s character get’s drawn into his cousin’s bad choices and, well… bad things happen. This film is very noir, both in it’s style and it’s themes. As such, the arc of the story isn’t much of a surprise but there are a couple of good twists along the way. Hardy’s relationship with Gandolfini is balanced beautifully against the relationship he is trying to form with a neighbor, played by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” “Prometheus”). Though she struggles with the American accent, the film wisely manages that by giving her the name “Nadia.” Like Hardy, Rapace is brilliant and it shows throughout the film. This is a movie of almost unrelenting tension that builds and builds and much of it is shown in her face. There is a perfect scene near the end of the film in the bar where, after a sudden moment of violence, she captures perfectly the look of a woman trying to pretend like she’s not scared out of her mind; it’s fantastic acting and a joy to watch. While the story is hardly a new one and the outcome is hardly surprising, it does such a great job of maintaining the tension and the acting is so well done across the board, that I would highly recommend this film to any fans of noir, Tom Hardy or just plain great acting.


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