Edge of Tomorrow

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I can see just how the idea for this movie came to be.  The writer (who is probably a good 10-15 years younger than me) was playing a video game, dying, starting over, dying again, until he had each step on each level memorized and could sail through; the novice became the expert.  Therein lies the plot for “Edge of Tomorrow,” which is a pretty silly (and utterly vague) name for a clever concept.  What makes this film work at all is that the writers manage to infuse humor throughout what is, otherwise, a very bland action plot line: the hero overcomes impossible odds to beat the alien invaders (didn’t Cruise do that already in “War of the Worlds).  The laughs along the way (and there is a fair number of them) makes the movie more than just palatable, it actually makes it entertaining.  All the action, the special effects, the budding romance… they all feel like business as usual for a film like this.  They aren’t unenjoyable; they’re just not enough by themselves because they are too predictable to be that much fun.  In the end, I had a good time which is all you can ask from a film like this and more than I have gotten from most of them recently.  This may be the best summer blockbuster I have seen so far this year, which isn’t saying much, but it is saying something.


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