The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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It’s funny.  I thought I was prepared for what this movie was going to be and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like that. Yet, it turned out that, the part I thought I would like the least was probably the only part I really enjoyed.  Generally speaking, when superhero movies have more than one key villain, they become an overwrought blur, with too much action and too little substance.  However, this mess felt more like a YA Rom-Com than it did a superhero flick and I found myself actually hoping for the action scenes.  We are treated to endless and insufferably cute scenes of Peter Parker being soooo in love with Gwen Stacey that I half expected him to sparkle in the sunlight and bite her on the neck.  All of their lines were so painfully, consciously cute or clever that there was little room for any real personalities to show through.  Even the pathos of the ending is stolen by how blatantly it is telegraphed over and over again.  If there was any poetry at all (and there was scant little of it), it was in some of the slow motion action scenes that allowed the audience to appreciate the grace of choreography.  Spidey looks good in those scenes, even if the villains tend to look overly rendered and phony.  The writers made an effort to capture the wisecracking one-liners Spider-Man is famous for.  However, in the context of everything else, they come across sounding condescending and smarter-than-thou. Sadly, this Peter Parker is a bit of a dick. In the end, this was a high-fructose romantic angst film that happened to involve a man in red tights.


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