The World’s End

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◊ ◊ ½

This is the newest film by actor/writer Simon Pegg and director/writer Edgar Wright, who have given us the brilliant “Shaun of The Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.”  This time Pegg and regular cast mate Nick Frost join up with several familiars from the British indie scene to play former high school buddies who are attempting to complete the 12 pub crawl that they had started 20 years earlier.  The only problem?  Well, alien robot thingies, of course.  True to form, it is a silly combination of wry British humor, slapstick and absurdity.   Unfortunately, we have seen it all before and better.  Like the Christopher Guest films of the 90s, the first couple were brilliant but it now all feels a bit tired.  Even the story felt a bit like a retread of “Shaun” but nobody seems to be having as much fun.  I did laugh and there were some winning moments but most were at the beginning.  As the film wore on, it wore me down a bit.  In particular, I found the pathos fell flat for me.  I get the metaphors of lost youth, squandered lives, etc.  They just didn’t land for me.  I found myself wanting more and less at the same time.  Pegg, Wright and Frost are all talented men; maybe it was time they grew up and moved on, too.


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