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This oddly disturbing film is an example of British humor at it’s darkest.  Carol and Chris are a strange couple.  Both seem a bit awkward and eccentric.  Carol, in particular, has grown up with a smothering mother and needs to get away.  So, she and Chris head into the British countryside for a two week holiday road trip around various small town museums, like the brilliantly weird Pencil Museum (I do hope that place is real).  Along the way, they find a mutual affinity for mass murder.  Lovely.  At times the humor is so dry and so dark, it’s hard to know when to laugh.  And, as the violence gets more senseless and their reactions more dismissive, one either goes along for the ride or get’s a little queasy.  This is not the film for everyone; your appreciation of humor must be pitch black.  However, there are many gems to be had here.  The dialogue is bitingly clever but one can almost miss it because it is delivered in such deadpan tones.  Eileen Davies and Steve Oram are terrific in the lead roles and bring such a banality to their malevolence that it is hard not to laugh while despising them while loving them.  It is all a bit grotesque and ends appropriately.  Sociopaths in love; it seems like the perfect theme for a Trey Parker, Matt Stone musical.


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