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DVD. I think this film may just give me an example of the adage that has always mystified me, “the exception that proves the rule.”  At an hour and twenty minutes into the film, I laughed out loud at a gag where Mark Wahlberg wants to sing a love song to impress his girlfriend and chooses the theme song from “Octopussy.”  It’s a clever moment with just the right amount of randomness.  Unfortunately, it is also the first time I laughed, which is never a good sign in a comedy.  My one laugh only served to point out that I hadn’t laughed at anything else.  “Why am I still here,” I wondered.  Ten minutes later, as the film descended into creepy-not-in-a-good-way, I turned it off.    The first film I have not bothered to sit all the way through this year and, thus, my first goose egg of the year, as well.  As it turns out, Seth MacFarlane’s humor, which works only about half the time on “Family Guy,” worked virtually not at all on the big screen.  His mix of more-shocking-than-the-next-guy gags and barrage of random cultural references felt more tired than anything else.  Honestly, I wish I had been offended by some of this schtick; at least that would have given me something to talk about.  Worse than being offended, I was just bored.


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