Super 8

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JJ Abrams got it right with this one.  Though he is covering the exact same ground here as with “Cloverfield,” he has learned from those mistakes.  He continues to show an adept ability at building tension and is a real master at keeping the villain/monster/etc just out of view.  What was once done as a budget necessity, he uses to great effect.   This film is also more an unbridled homage to the movies of his youth and is the love child “E.T.” and “The Goonies.”  It could have been a mess but it works and I felt like I was seeing a movie I could have seen as a kid with all of the good natured goofiness that seems lost from so many modern “action” or “sci-fi” films.  As is almost always the case, the monster is better when you can’t quite seem him than when you finally do.  And the movie has a bit of a sappy ending… but so did “E.T.”  Great ending credits.  They are the most fun to watch of any ending credits I can remember.


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