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C’est très bizarre.  Though the film was written and directed by French director, Quentin Dupieux, it was filmed in the U.S. with a mostly American cast, some of whom are in the “oh, he looks vaguely familiar” category.  It is hard to explain or make sense of this movie about an old car tire that inexplicable comes to life and goes on a murderous rampage through the American Southwest, all while being observed by a Greek-chorus like group of movie-goers; they watch the events from a hilltop in the desert with binoculars but claim to be watching a movie.  This is clearly a spoof on film making and audiences (and maybe American audiences in particular) but most of the commentary gets lost in the overall general weirdness.   However, I laughed out loud multiple times and, in the end, I think this movie belongs on any good B-movie list.


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