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In some ways, this film is the older sister to “Tomboy,” which is reviewed below.  It deals with a 17 year old butch lesbian in New York, trying to figure herself out and deal with tension at home.  As such, it is exactly like so many queer films of the last twenty years.  I have been seeing this film since I was twenty-three years old and I was reminded of that repeatedly while I was watching it; this is the same story just better written, better directed and better acted.  Is that enough to recommend it?  I think so.  If for no other reason than to see the lead performance of Adepero Oduye, the 33 year old unknown actor who managed to play 17 so beautifully.  The range of emotion she was able to express on screen was such a joy to watch.  The film hits every note you think it will and ends in the way these sorts of indie films do (with some modest catharsis, opportunity for growth and a sense that, though thinks haven’t worked out yet, they will), but it tackles emotions in a realistic and well-rounded way and takes you on a journey that feels complete by the end but not “wrapped up” in the way “Tomboy” does.


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  1. […] other feature length film thus far is the stunning “Pariah” from 2011 (see my review here). This story takes place in 1940s Mississippi, as two poor families (one White and the other Black) […]

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