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The best film on an apocalyptic virus that I have ever seen (how many have I seen?).  The previews make it look like a typical apocalyptic film (e.g. danger, a bit of action, special effects, bleak zombie filled wasteland), but folks looking for that movie will be disappointed.  Though the sequence of events move along at a lighting pace, individual scenes can seem to crawl by: either filled with languid bodies and quiet moments or with rapidly spoken monologues of highly scientific jargon or cultural commentary.  I have heard some liberal media calling it conservative because trade unions take hits (on 3 occasions) and a left-wing conspiracy blogger is portrayed very negatively.  However, the primary targets appear to be the under-funding of the federal government and big corporations.  The real strength of the film lies in the story’s step-by-step process of how the virus spreads; the production company hired several prominent virologists to help develop the plot.  This is apparently a very plausible way a viral outbreak could spread.   I found that part fascinating and more than a little creepy.  Now, everyone, please go wash your hands.


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