Bill Cunningham New York

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DVD.  A fair bit of hullabaloo has been  made to me regarding this film, so I finally decided to see it.  While I enjoyed it, I can’t say that I understand all the interest.  It is a very modest documentary about Bill Cunningham, the somewhat famous man-on-the-street New York photographer.  We learn about his modest growing up, his haberdashery business prior to World War II and his photography career afterwards.  He has built quite a reputation for his keen eye on NY fashion and his regular Times column on what is hot on the streets this week.  Now 83, he still goes to the Paris shows every year and still shoots random people on the street, some famous, some not.  We get interviews with him and with various famous (or at least New York famous) people who love him.  We learn about his refusal to take any money, so that he can remain “objective,” but how he pays for his very simple existence is never explained.  He cares nothing for where he lives, what he wears or what he eats.  Has no interest in any of the arts or literature but reads voraciously about fashion.  He has never been in love or had any sort of partner but made coy reference to “having needs.”  He is an odd duck who is wholly obsessed with fashion, and the more colorful and unusual the better.  This all makes for a mildly interesting documentary but now that I have summed it all up for you in a single paragraph, I hardly see the reason for you to even bother to rent it.


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