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First, a confession.  Sean Connery has never been my favorite Bond.  I grew up on Roger Moore and loved his films as a kid.  I can also admit, with only limited shame, that I liked two of the Pierce Brosnan films, neither of the Timothy Daltons and didn’t mind George Lazenby’s.  I must also admit that I don’t think that Connery can actually act.  Neither can Moore, I will admit, but then he always seemed aware of it, in a William Shatner kind of way.  All of that said, I believe that Daniel Craig is the most talented of all the actors to play Bond (excluding Niven, who really doesn’t count) and I think this fact has allowed for films of greater emotional depth and complexity.  In that light, “Skyfall” is the best of the series, allowing us inside of Bond in a way that previous incarnations have never attempted.  Additionally, Javier Bardem gives us the best Bond villain since Jaws and is creepy in all the right ways.  Watching the two of them verbally spar is by far the most fun the movie has to offer.  That is not to say that it doesn’t have all the classic action scenes, it certainly does but I found myself slightly bored with them.  I had to think about it afterwards and perhaps I am just getting older but there is little an action movie can do to surprise me anymore; fortunately, this was more than just an action film.  True to the other two Craig films, this one had a paucity of the silly gadgets and adolescent innuendos that have defined Bond (not a total absence, mind you, but when present, there was a clever “wink, wink” aspect to them).  One thing that did surprise me is that this film felt much more like the first in a new series, rather than the third.  I cannot say why without spoiling things but, suffice it to say, there was a simultaneous nostalgic nod to past Bonds and an upheaval in the current order that felt like the sort of thing you’d expect with a new Bond.  Let’s hope I’m over-thinking this; I’m not ready to give up this new, thinking man’s Bond.


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