The House I Live In

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This limited release documentary takes on the injustices of the U.S. War on Drugs.  We are given a mix of history lesson and testimonials from inmates, former inmates, family members, prison guards, police officers, various academics and David Simon (writer/director of “The Wire”).  What we do not get is any alternate opinions or counter arguments.  Everyone here knows the War has failed and says so to varying degrees of eloquence.  Simon is particularly convincing and effective in the way he breaks down what the War is really about and what the costs are.  Documentary filmmaker Eugene Jarecki has done some interesting work in the past (“Why We Fight” and “Freakanomics” are both provocative and well worth watching).  However, there was nothing here I did not already know and, as is so often the case, this film will likely only be seen by those who need no convincing.   As such, I found it all a bit depressing and tedious.  Perhaps, if there had been some eloquent arguments for the other side or some creative solutions suggested, I might have had more to think about when I left the theater.  As it was, all I was left thinking was, “what’s for dinner?”


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