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◊ ◊ ◊ ½

I would consider this another fine example in what I might call the sub-genre of “realistic relationship films.”  Much like “Blue Valentine” from two years ago, this movie deals with the coming together and falling apart of a modern relationship and like last years “Weekend,” it looks at the struggles unique to modern gay relationships.  I loved both of those films and this one as well.  The lead actors (Thure Lindhardt and Zachary Booth) have a fantastic chemistry and it is easy to believe they are madly in love.  Both give natural and convincing performances, though Lindhardt (already a huge star in his native Denmark) steals the show.  His Eric is constantly full of wonder and so fragile that he gives the film an intense sense of intimacy.  I must say that this film does not succeed for me as much as those other two did, partly because Eric was so completely (and believably) co-dependent that I got a bit tired of him toward the end; I really wanted him to set a limit on Paul’s emotionally manipulative behaviors.  But, of course, he does not.  As is true to life, neither man changes in any core way.  They come together and then they slowly come apart and, along the way, we get to see something beautiful and sad and courageous and painful and, most importantly, true about what love is and isn’t, what it can do and what it cannot.


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