Killer Joe

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Disturbing is perhaps the best word for this film, but also funny and a little bit brilliant.  Nobody in this small Texas town is nice, from the hired killer to the simple minded, “innocent” daughter, who is capable of her own deviousness.  Chris owes money to a drug dealer, so he and his father hatch a plan to kill his mother for her insurance money.  They hire Joe, a very corrupt cop to do the job.  Though we all know things are going to unravel, they do so with an unrelenting intensity that kept me glued to the screen.  Every single scene, from start to finish, is fraught with violence (emotional, psychological and, eventually, physical).  The incredibly strong cast is headed up by Matthew McConaughey, in a brilliant performance.  He is so lethal, even at his nicest and most benign, that I actually had to check IMDB to remind me that he can be likeable.  While, Thomas Haden Church’s role appeared to require little of him other than to look dazed most of the time, Gina Gershon was stunning in the critical final scene of the film.  Everyone was at his/her best in those final, awful, awful, bloody, brilliant moments.  And the last few seconds… a work of art.

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