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I feel like I want to recommend this movie to everybody and yet I know that most people won’t like it.  Like “Marwencol,” this is a documentary that explores how people deal with trauma but the mood could not be more different.  It explores the story of Nicholas Barclay, who went missing from his small Texas town when he was thirteen.  Three years later, a guy shows up in Spain claiming to be him.  The family apparently accepts him as Nicholas despite glaring problems and they take him home.  We know from the beginning that the guy is actually 23 year old Frédéric Bourdin and, as the story unfolds, he walks us through exactly what he was doing and thinking at each step.  We also hear from Nicholas’s family members, the FBI, American Consulate in Spain, and P.I. and others as the whole thing unfolds and eventually unravels.  The story is a disturbing one and has no happy endings but it is truly fascinating and left me wanting to talk about it more than any other film this year.  Did the family actually know he wasn’t Nicholas?  If so, why did they take him in?  If not, why not?  For anyone who loves a puzzle or is fascinated by human nature: this is the film for you.


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