Total Recall

August 4, 2012 at 8:58 am | Posted in 2012 | Leave a comment

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In a summer with no shortage of reboots, remakes and films in a series, I seem to be doing a lot of comparison to other movies (“how does The Avengers compare with Thor?” “How does this Batman compare with the last two?).  Most of those films do fairly well by comparison and this one is no different.  Unlike most of the critics, I don’t squirm over the remake of a “classic” film that fails to reinvent or reinterpret the original work.  Just an update in special effects is enough for me in a film like this one.   I never had much respect for the original “Total Recall,” which was, after all, just its own special effects bonanza and a Schwarzenegger vehicle (neither did the critics judging by the reviews at the time, though some of them seem to be moaning about it now).  The major plot twists are basically the same, though the rest of the story is different and no better or worse than the preposterous original.  It definitely shows how action films have changed in the last 25 years; this movie is basically non-stop chase scenes from the opening sequence to the last one, just as most action films are in this video game-influenced, ADHD era.  What really stole this show for me was the mesmerizing city scenes, which were like the way “Blade Runner” wished it could look.  I would watch movie after movie that took place in that dystopian universe.  For me, it was the best sci-fi world in recent memory.


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