The Amazing Spider-Man

July 4, 2012 at 8:37 am | Posted in 2012 | Leave a comment

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For a reboot that seemed to come too soon, I think this film does a better than expected job of differentiating itself from its recent kin.  Andrew Garfield makes for a more entertaining Peter Parker than he-of-the-excessively-goofy-facial-expressions (Sorry, Toby).  Not only is he capable of a greater range of subtle emotions but he has an affability and snarkiness that fit the character.  The greatest improvement in this film is the way it reclaims Spider-Man’s sense of humor from the comics.  He manages the snide comebacks that always seemed to me improbable in the comics (how do you make smart remarks while dodging punches?) and makes them seem natural.  Thematically, the film is interesting: it is visually darker and the NYC has more of a Gotham feel to it, yet it is tonally lighter, more endearing, and the characters are more human.  The overall story is no better/worse, believable or not than the other Spider-Man films and the special effects, though undoubtedly more polished, wowed me less than they did in 2003, when I was really taken by how fluid they were able to make his movements (well, at that point, I only had the old TV show to compare it to.).  I will say that the action scenes were much easier to watch (at least as compared to the last film): much cleaner and less frenetic; I could tell at all times what was happening on screen.  And what was happening on screen was Andrew Garfield’s ass in that suit.  My, my.  He just bumped Matt Damon as my #1 Hollywood crush.


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