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In the end, I think it might have been hard NOT to be disappointed in this film, given my expectations.  I will give credit where it’s due: it was visually stunning from beginning to end and full of evocative images.  Michael Fassbender’s David character was fascinating and stole every scene he was in.  Between Scott’s directing and Geiger’s sets, the film is sufficiently creepy and the second half is basically one action scene after another.  With so many things right, it is a shame to have one such big thing wrong: the story.  It is convoluted, indecipherable, and full of plot holes.  Characters do things for no justifiable motive, including the whole, really implausible, reason for the trip to begin with.  There is a kernel of a good idea that is lost in murk and confusion.  The next day, I listened to an hour long podcast that tried to explain that plot.  Any movie story that takes that much work to try and understand has a serious problem.


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