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Another take on another Shakespeare play.  One wonders that there are any left.  And, to this end, I must admit that I had never read, seen or even heard of “Coriolanus” before.  Now, I’m glad I have.  In the hands of Ralph Fiennes (as director and star), the story is envisioned as occurring during the strife of the Bosnian war.  Coriolanus is the general of the Roman army (read Serbs) bent on the destruction of the rebellious Volscians (read Bosniaks).  When Rome betrays him, he switches teams.  All hell ensues.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching a Shakespearian play I did not know.  It was full of all the action and great speeches I expect from one of his “war” plays.  I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before, as play or movie.  Fiennes relishes his role and chews up every single scene with vigor, spewing such great lines as, “Let me have war… Peace is… a getter of more bastard children than war’s a destroyer of men” with such megalomaniacal glory that you can see how much he is enjoying himself.  The other standout is Vanessa Redgrave as his mother; the last speech she delivers to him is a powerhouse.  I would definitely add this to the collection of Shakespearian movies to see.  I will catch the play when I get the chance.


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