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This is the sort of superhero movie that desperately needs to be made; it just needs to be made better than this one was.  This is such rich territory: what would really happen if people became “superheroes?”  “Kickass” attempted to address this question in a very cynical way, starting well but then becoming the very thing it mocked.  This film is much more earnest but also much less polished.  The basic story rings true, particularly as these teens are just discovering their powers; how they react and the ways they choose to use the powers seems exactly right to me.  Where the film lacks strength is in, well, everything else.  The special effects are weak and this becomes much more noticeable as the story builds.  When the dialogue attempts to get weighty, it rings false and sounds overly aware of its own attempts at cleverness.  Likewise, this young group of unknowns aren’t able to show the emotional range required in a believable way, particularly where fear and anxiety are concerned.  I’m glad I saw it; I definitely think it is worth a rental if you like the genre.  I really really liked the concept and was engaged at first but, as the drama escalated, the cracks become more obvious.  One day, somebody will do a movie like this well and it will sit near the top of my list.  Not yet, though.


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