Snow White & The Huntsman

June 9, 2012 at 10:13 am | Posted in 2012 | Leave a comment


What did I expect?  I guess I thought it would be a darker, more adult, truer to the Grimm version of the famous story, unlike “Mirror, Mirror,” which I did not bother to see.  However, what I got was a typical Hollywood action film full of chase scenes and sword fights and a damsel in distress (that is until she magically turns into Joan of Arc, without so much as a sword-training montage), with every laugh coming at the expense of the “dwarves.”  Everyone acts like themselves: Kristin Stewart (“Twilight”) pouts and mopes; Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) towers, defends and looks noble; Bob Hoskins reminds me of his Smee character in “Hook.”  At least Charlize Theron gets to break character by playing evil.  Mind you, she plays the queen as a ridiculously shrill neurotic, screeching her lines in a way that sounds less menacing than like nails on a chalkboard.  It makes me long for Julie Roberts.  My god, at least have fun with the role.


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